Notes/terms & conditions for package pricing:
  1. Must have active internet connection at the time of the installation and/or final fit off of the system, so that the WE tech can commission the system. WE tech revisits will incur a cost of $110.00 call out to revisit the premise to configure the device connection for a time of up to one hour. Additional hourly rate per 15 minute block will be $35.00/15minutes.
  2. A power point and data connection must be provided at the location nominated for the CCTV NVR Recorder to have Mains power and an active data internet connection for mobile device connection. WE can provide these at the following costs:
    • Data point – $200.00 (price is subject to change dependant on the installation required)
    • Power Outlet – $200.00 (price subject to change dependant on the installation required)
  3. Price is for a standard single storey dwelling only and extra fees and charges will apply for non-stand installations and are as follows:
    • Nominated installation time with this package is 4 hours with a 2 person installation team.
    • Single storey dwelling must have roof access available to all nominated camera locations. Flat roofs that require conduit work, will incur an additional charge of $40.00/conduit installation, subject to WE tech site appraisal (price subject to change dependant on the installation required)
  4. Installation technicians must have free access to and around the property on the day of the installation without having to open close gates and doors for children and pets. It’s not the responsibility of the WE tech to attend and/or supervise children and pets.
  5. Double Storey Charges will apply to dwellings with ground and first floor requirements – $250.00
  6. 50% deposit required at time of booking
  7. Email us at admin@wiredearth.com.au