The last couple of years of technology advancement has dramatically change the way people now choose to unwind and relax in their homes. With streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and You Tube becoming the norm, we are seeing more evidence of clients moving away from free to air TV and Pay TV services and moving towards internet style streaming services.

Many factors are creating these new market trends, such as increased internet speeds, Internet Service Providers offering greater download packages, devices available for preferred viewing platforms, streaming providers offering better priced package deals and having access to large amounts of various viewing content.

Digital TV and Pay TV wiring

Digital TV and Pay TV wiring is important to be installed with clarity as to what you want. Every room that requires devices such as video or music streamingservices, Digital TV’s and Pay TV set top boxes need cabling provisions to allow you unrestricted connection when the time comes to add more lifestyle choices. There are minimum cable connections that need to be considered when building your home, an apartment building and/or commercial tenancy premises. Too often we have seen firsthand the result of poorly constructed smart wiring and the impact it can have on how your services are connected.

Data and Wifi networks

Data and Wifi networks are the essential life stream of how you interact and communicate with the world. Smart phones, Ipads, TV’s, movie and music streaming services, home security systems, lighting, air-conditioning and just about every piece of electronic equipment uses the internet to for you to interact with. Having a reliable wifi and wired data network effectively installed provides you the flexibility to manage your personal and business life as and when you need too.

NBN Ready and Telstra Cabling

NBN and Internet connections are an essential service if you wish to have telephone and internet services. This can be a source of frustration for you if you have experienced poor internet speeds and constant internet failures. Dealing with overseas call centres, unsure about the technical jargon they use and what to do, we help assist you with working out where the issues are and assist in resolving these as much as we can for you. We prepare and install as much of the connection from your home to the street as we can so you don’t have to waste valuable timein feeling frustrated by the process.