Controlled Lighting

Controlled Lighting is effective for you to have choices about the control and status of the lighting in the home or work place. Rather than having on or off switches, Controlled lighting gives you the ability to dim lights up and down, turn on or off from different locations, control from Ipad or Smart phone, control scenes like – all lights on or off when leaving the premises, party mode for entertaining your family and friends in the alfresco, turning outside lights on and off at scheduled times during the evening. Even turning dimmed lights on at night for bathroom visits at midnight by the little ones and back off when they go back to bed. Controlled lighting offers not only fantastic lifestyle options, but also power bill saving benefits.

Home Theatre solutions

Home Theatre solutions are determined by many features – style of the room, your personal preferences in viewing and system costs. There are many different viewing; listening and control requirements from a TV on the wall to the big screen and projector surround sound movie theatre experience. We can design; supply and custom install systems to cater for your requirements. Pre-planning and discussing options with you gives the best experience and leaves no hidden unbudgeted costs or surprises.

Multi-room Audio & Visual

Multi-room Audio & Video is a combination of centralised systems that can be distributed throughout the house over data networks and wired speakers. Each room that has a TV or music requirement can be controlled via your automation system software running on an Ipad or smart phone. From this device you can control streaming services, music to areas of the home for example the alfresco, theatre room or even master bedroom. Each Multi-room system is designed to suit your requirements and costs, with us assisting you managing decisions.

Elan Automation

ELAN is the system software that connects all the technology systems in your house to one easy to use program. We do all the work to make the program suit your needs to make your busy life more manageable with the kids, family, home and work commitments. ELAN will help you manage your life so that you have the ability to stay in control with your time and live a simpler lifestyle.