Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm systems can be utilised in the home and work space for a variety of purposes. The most common design and intent of an Intruder Alarm system is to detect and notify when a premises is unoccupied. This involves having detection devices, such as motion sensors placed around the premises in various locations to detect unwanted movement. Full arming on an Alarm system is done by activating the AWAY function of the System leaving every motion sensor ready and waiting to capture a burglar.

Intruder Alarm systems can also be expanded into providing perimeter solutions. This means that doors and windows can have switches and shock sensors installed to detect the attempted entry before it is gained by the uninvited guest. An Alarm system set up in this format has the arming option of STAY MODE, this means that you can activate the STAY MODE via the code pad and every sensor on the doors and windows will be turned on into a secure mode. This allows the occupants to move about freely knowing they will be alerted if attempted unauthorised entry is applied. With the growing number of systems that have smart phone capability we can offer the ability for you to be able to arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world and allow access remotely to your home or business.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry is a Security System usually installed in your home with code pad gate access, and commercial work places and residential apartment buildings using swipe card systems. The aim of the system is to allow keyless entry for you and manage access into the home or building by welcomed visitors only. Keyless Entry can help you manage the kids at home, and work place with less stress and more available time.

Camera Surveillance

Camera surveillance is utilised for the recording of unwanted guests that may take place when your home or work place is occupied or unoccupied. Digital cameras record and help you manage home safety for the family and your work place for security and peace of mind. We assist in helping you make decisions around the best system that can be installed within your budget for you to have viewing capabilities at your fingertips via your smart phone.

Video Door Bell Sytems

Intercom Systems can be utilised at the home in providing that extra level of security in having the front yard fenced off. It makes it more difficult for the opportunist to gain entry near the house and exercises screening rights to who you allow entry to the house. An intercom general consists of a Door Station that has a bell press button for your guest to call the internal monitor handset usually located in the kitchen/living area. A live video image from the door station then allows the home occupant to view the guest and communicate with them and you can even allow them entry from the comfort from inside the house via the remote unlock door button.? The advancement of digital technology now allows you to have your Video Door Bell system call your mobile phone so you can allow home and business delivery’s or contractors access to the property when you are not at home.